haddock 🐟

A Brief Changelog

I Keep Changing Things

In my everyday life, the package I was waiting for came in the mail! And it wasn’t damaged! Hooray.

A less “hooray” thing is that I have three finals coming up and I feel like a complete moron on all of the topics. Remembering which ion goes where in the action potential of a neuron sucks… I can’t find an easy way to memorize it other than brute forcing all of it into my brain. Hopefully I’ll just do some extra credit and make up for my… bad grades this semester…

It’s kind of fun to blend my stupid fandom life and my stpid student life, but I do have to be careful not to cross the streams too much. So you’ll never get to see all the Scientific Journal Articles that I co-author on this website, sorry! Maybe if I got really into Tezuka Black Jack fandom I could just endlessly medpost all day and it could count as a fandom activity _(┐「ε:)_