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A little night music

: A couple songs I liked listening to recently ⏰ 3 minute read

I can feel you touch me
And I can hear you breathing
Please no one wake me
When I’m sleep drifting

I actually like this whole album! If you know any other musicians who use microtonal tuning, please send me a link so I can check them out. Alternate tuning systems are really neat and I want to find more music that uses them.

Apparently it shares a riff with this popular Turkish folk song:

Listen to the two and see for yourself… :) I always like it when folk music gets reimagined and reproduced across history.

Another folk cover I like a lot is Queen Adreena’s “Pretty Polly”:

It has a very different feeling than most of the covers! Most others lean a lot into the folk/country aspect, but I think that going in a more gothic direction helps this version stand out a lot.

You left me all alone
Tell me when
I will be whole again

Every so often I remember that this song exists and I have to go listen to it on repeat over and over. It’s haunting… Maybe it’s just the history I have with drug abuse that makes me drawn to songs like this from the perspective of people who’ve lost their loved ones to addiction? I wouldn’t go so far as to say that music like this makes me stay sober and healthy, but it does remind me of how close I could have come to losing myself as well.

Outside of the lyrical content, I love the heavy instrumentation combined with the cleaner vocals. It’s a really good-sounding song, I wish I could think of what else it reminded me of.

It’s cold I’m afraid
It’s been like this for a day
The water is rising and slowly we’re dying
We won’t see light again
We won’t see our wives again

Another song that reminds me of drowning… I actually listen to a lot of music with this sort of theme, haha. This song is about the Kursk disaster from the perspective of the sailors who lost their lives onboard the submarine. It was such a terrible diaster.

Je te laisserai des mots
En-dessous de ta porte
En-dessous de la lune qui chante
Tout près de la place où tes pieds passent

OK let’s try to end this post on a slightly happier note than naval disasters and dying of drug abuse.

This song is hard to find on streaming services nowadays, but I still really like it. It’s very melancholy sounding, but the lyrics are very sweet and romantic (as long as you know French, or have access to translating software).

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