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April 2020 Art Dump

: Various pictures from April 2020 ⏰ 2 minute read

I got to draw more this month! Bobaboard had an event on April 20 where for every drawing of your favorite character (or drawing that you commissioned of your favorite character) as either the Once-ler or a Minion, they would donate to charity. So I went crazy and gave out free commissions for just this month. Because of that I also got to do a lot of silly warm up and cool down art.

Lusamine as Carole Baskin

If you watched Tiger King you’ll know what this means.

Guzma as the Tiger King

Ditto with this one :)

For real I think these two characters mapped really well onto the key players of that real-life tiger drama. Or at least they mapped well onto the way the Netflix series chose to portray them.

This whacko statue but as Nanu

I had a version where the penis was uncensored but I lost it. Sorry. This is a drawing of the statue Man Attacked by Babies but with Nanu! My favorite thing to draw: “Something, but with Nanu”…

Isabelle and co. clearing the island

Did you ever wonder why all the islands you can move to in ACNH are so uninhabited? Here’s why… Maybe…

Kabu wearing a fetching sweater

I think Kabu would wear this. TBH I think he looks a little weird because hadn’t drawn him much before but his hair still vexes me even to this day… so maybe it’s just because he’s hard to draw. For me.

Looker and Anabel just chillen next to each other

This was from some random photo I nabbed off of /fa/. I used to really like drawing foliage back then but now I don’t have enough time to draw backgrounds! I hope when summer break comes I can draw nice environments again.

Nanu and Looker together in a dark cage. For some reason, Looker has titties.

I continued drawing some Tiger King pastiches. For some reason I decided that Looker would be one of the pretty young girls Doc Antle brought into his weird little cult harem. But I think this picture is actually from a photo of Antle and Britney Spears.

Looker being interviewed about his tities

Yeah this is just some more of that. If you look closely you can see Looker’s tig ol' bitties.

“Draw your fave as the Once-ler Day”

Now this is where the real art dump begins…

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