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: happy new year! ⏰ 2 minute read

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and a happy solar new year!

Personally, I had a nice time of it.

This is not a true update, because I actually decided to revert the design changes I had planned for this new year (turning everything into Times New Roman) and all that I’ve changed are the scroll bars.

I realized that tweets are embeddable using Hugo and always have been, so I’m going to try it out. Don’t expect to see any of my tweets, though. Here’s a tweet I liked that several people have made me aware of:

Haddock/Tintin forever… (I say, not actually drawing them on my blog that is named Haddock. I actually care about this ship a lot but don’t draw for it because I think Hergé’s art style already portrays them perfectly and I can’t dream to touch it)

In other news, I got A’s in all my classes and have started the new semester. I hope to continue to do well, and then get a high score on the Big Exam.

I will upload the rest of last year’s art sometime soon.

See you later!

― haddock,