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Another small change

: Hopefully the site will load even faster now ⏰ 2 minute read

I have written a little Imagemagick script to make all images be the size that they display at, instead of 2~4x larger for no fucking reason at all. Hopefully this will improve site performance on the big image dump pages. Speaking of that, I will actually try my best to upload the rest of my art from 2021 sometime soon. There’s just so much of it… it’s very annoying to write a funny alt text for all of them, you see, and so I procrastinate on it.

The first quiz of the semester came and went. I did OK, and hope to do better in the future. Remote exam proctoring always seems to drop my score by an entire standard deviation.

There are a few other changes to the website: the confetti zone has grown larger, there’s a secret button you can push that will make the background change to something truly obnoxious (click it again to turn it off), and some more little 88x31 boxes :) I draw them myself using Aseprite and a mouse. Go ahead and use them for your own site if you want. Anything here is yours to take!

BTW the code that I use to make my images smaller is just a simple little one-liner:

FOR /R  public\images\ %%a in (*.*) DO magick mogrify "%%~a[720x>]"

It runs through every folder in my exported images folder and resizes anything that’s over 720 pixels wide (my website container’s max width is 720px anyway). The original files are kept unchanged so if I decide to change my layout I still have the high resolution version :)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been listening to recently. Thanks, YT autoplay.

It’s just so easy to get things done while listening to this genre… If you have any suggestions for music please let me know. I always like finding new stuff.

― haddock,