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August 2020 Art Dump

: various pictures from august 2020 ⏰ 2 minute read

This one’s a very “Dead Dove: Do Not Eat” sort of month.

Nanu opening the Dead Dove bag Warning: Ahead be weird sexual drawings. I’ll put a spoiler over the ones with explicit nudity in case you are reading my webpage at work.

Looker with a little toy train going up his ass I drew this for “Draw your fave getting sexy with Thomas the Tank Engine” day. It’s actually a reference to the video “Big Dick” by Little Big. As the video is age restricted, I won’t embed it, but here’s a link for you. I’m a great fan of this band. They’re a lot of fun.

Nanu and Acerola having sex while Acerola is dressed as a train
This was also drawn for the same event. You can’t even see the genitals here lol. But hey whatever.

Acerola waking up in the morning
This is a redraw of a picture I drew of Nanu and Acerola in 2018. The original’s probably lost to time, sorry.

Young Opal and an even younger Kabu This is a redraw of a comic panel featuring Opal and Kabu in the distant past… I think it’s fun to imagine them together in the past. But when Opal was a young womnan, Kabu was probably just a little boy… Hey, you know what, that makes it better, doesn’t it?

Anyway, because Opal is a pretty young woman in this one, she can get away with anything. (Joker voice) this really says a lot about society…

― haddock,

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