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Bandcamp Embedding is Here

: I kind of figured out how to embed Bandcamp ⏰ 1 minute read

Oh happy day. I can get Bandcamp embeds to “kind of” work. Unfortunately to get them to work I have to go into the header of the website and grab the album ID but still. Bandcamp embeds!

Here’s a new song for everyone to listen to. I love this kind of music so much… The mood that library music summons up is immense. What is your favorite music to listen to?

I wonder what I should work on next… I’m being asked to make a little quiz for Balls 2001’s site, and as it’s hosted on Neocities as well, I’ll have to use Javascript only to hide the results page away from other people. What implementation will I use for my own website? Maybe I’ll make a silly personality quiz or something. Who knows.

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