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Drawings from July

: I haven't been posting much! Let me rectify that. ⏰ 3 minute read

So I got a job, a cat, and a college education. Despite these deficiencies in my character, I managed to draw a few silly pictures in the past month or so.

Nanu disapproves of Looker and Anabel’s relationship I have all kinds of RELATIONSHIP LORE for the Looker/Anabel ship but I won’t be telling you. ALso the Looker/Anabel BNF hates me lol and I don’t want to antagonize her.

Acerola’s parents disapproving beyond the grave of her choice in partner Flashback to when her parents were alive Acerola’s parents continuing to seethe beyound the grave It’s funny to imagine that Acerola’s parents left Acerola specifically in Nanu’s care just for him to do the unthinkable and get groomed by her.

This picture actually has a lot of “Deep Relationship Lore” around it too. Sadly I hate writing things out except in chat format lol.

Here are some excerpts of the chat format:

i was thinking about how in my delusional shipland even though nanu is the person with all the institutional power and whatever actually he feels like acerola could kill him at any moment and ruin his whole life. which would be what he deserves
and also part of why he continues to bang her
someone else:
also does he continue the relationship out of a sick self destruction?

its a cute happy domestic relationship but also it's built on a (once acerola develops more self awareness, mutually) self destructive urge
>acerola: "wow uncle nanu it sure is fucked up that you groomed me my whole life... but..."
>nanu: "ha... ha ha..."
>acerola: "now this is the only thing i want in a relationship so it's ok"
>acerola's parents in heaven:

someone else:
see it's kinda interesting tho because I always assume the younger party are victims more than perpetrators of their own misery

sometimes i feel especially fucked up and evil and go "Hm what if acerola starts to age out of nanu's strike zone and starts trying to win him back"
its really good but i physically cant draw it because even the thought of acerola growing tits makes me feel ill lmao
out of my strike zone too...
my anime girl strike zone
acerola must stay, below a b cup, and stay banana shaped,

someone else:
she is sacred loli and must stay that way

so even though i WANT to draw the "honeymoon is over" phase i just cannot
unironically im more comfortable with the idea of nanu doing stupid baby shit than acerola
this is how ****** shippers get it wrong. its sexier when the Older person is the immature one
acerola has a mature personality...

someone else:
I would agree

at the same time i also like to think "hmmm. chuuni..." with her

someone else:
but that's how she would outgrow him right?

me: even though literally zero canon basis for it
"mature for her age" acerola...
that's how nanu gets her

This is based on an album I like!

I had a lot of fun drawing the background.

― haddock,

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