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Drawings I drew in 2021

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OK so actually I drew a lot more stuff last year than I remembered to post! Sorry about that. I will try to keep up with it this year because so far I have been drawing less (sobs). I’ll just break it up by date.

There is a lot of R-18 adult content because it’s a whole year worth of posting. I’ll put a spoiler over stuff containing detailed nudity.


Nanu about to get BARBED by a bunch of Incineroars
Nanu’s crispy little corpse It was only a dream Happy end I drew this for Bobaboard’s “Treat yourself” event. It’s Nanu treating himself :)

Eventually I will finish the accompanying fanfic… It’s actually one of the very first Nanu fics I started writing like 5 years ago and just never completed. I am a very slow writer because life gets in the way and I prefer the immediate result of drawing. If only it was as easy to write 1000 words as it was to draw a picture!

Nanu’s tittles It’s just an excuse to draw the yaranaika meme face.

Nanu and Acerola at the beach I just wanted to draw Acerola in a swimsuit for this one because I miss summertime and the beach.


Happy new year I thought it might be nice to draw something like this for the new year. I used a new brush for this and then I think abandoned it, because using it was tedious with my workflow haha. But I still like the result here.

Hey you, you’re finally awake… This was back when we didn’t really know anything about the new Pokemon Legends Arceus game. I think it still feels kind of accurate, although Kamado has black hair.

Nanu with Drip Acerola with Drip Drip

Cat day! I drew Nanu covered in cats for Cat Day…

Mwah …and also this.

Kabu and his children...
Ah… the miracle of childbirth…………

Saya No Uta with Acerola This is just an excuse for me to draw viscera. I really like viscera.


This month I played the new Cookie Run game but eventually got tired of the gameplay and grind… I still think the almond cookie guy is hot though. My Cookie OTP I think they had some nice dialogue lines together + the teacher/student relationship is my guilty pleasure. But to be honest I am not good at the humanization thing so I should redraw this as cookies.

How I feel about the Almond Cookie My perverse sexual lust for a cookie… Won’t someone ice him…

Acerola defends Nanu’s virtue Just a cute pose I wanted to draw.

Nanu’s onahole There’s this really great blog devoted entirely to reviewing novelty onaholes. I decided to come up with one that Nanu might use. Take a fuckingn sipp babe

This is my design I dunno why but when drawing this I kept imagining Will from Hannibal saying “This is my design”.

Kabu’s shorts but make them shorter SHORTEN THEM

Despite all my rage I am just a rat in a cock cage
I like to make Nanu suffer. I think contorted expressions of agony are really fun to draw!


Acerola Duke Nukem I think this was a request my boyfriend made of me because we’d just watched a bunch of Youtube videos of a guy saying funny shit in the Duke Nukem voice.

Have a seat I love that Brock and Olivia get together. Age in the Pokemon anime is a joke.


I already posted stuff that I drew in May-June of this year so let’s skip to July.

Sephiroth (with drip) fucking Kirby
A Bobaboard request to draw 2 Smash characters Smashing. That’s all I drew that month, I think. Jesus.


Seeing eye loli I was drawing Acerola as one of those children that you keep on a leash and then realized that it would be really funny if she was a seeing-eye loli. Nanu is only pretending to be vision-impaired so that he can take her into restaurants for free, though. What a scumbag…!

Pomf =3
I am actually really bad at coming up with sex poses so I copied a pose from a random manga I was reading at the time. But it’s been a really long time since I did that, so I don’t remember the manga! You can probably find it on exhentai, though. To be honest, it’s a big struggle whenever I draw porn because I tend to either look at drawings to get poses or subconsciously remember poses from drawings I really liked, but if I am not careful, I end up losing the essence of “I drew this” and I become unsatisfied with the drawing.


Acerola with drip, again These sneakers are literally called Acerola, so I drew her wearing them.

the Jack-o pose It’s the bandwagon everyone jumped on for a week!

Gay Frogs Kermit of Finland… I drew this while listening to “My Agenda” by Dorian Electra on repeat.

End Of Deltarune I think it’s very cool that in the route where Noelle doesn’t just Kill Berdly, she chokes him out End of Evangelion-style.

Reigen being a sweaty pedo A redraw of my worst Reigen headcanon ever NAMBLA defeated by the power of love This series of images makes sense in my mind.


This is the month that I got into Deltarune for a bit because one of my friends really loves Spamton. Acerola painting I tried out a new brush.

Overdosing on Xanax in a shopping mall demo massage chair “What genre of music do you like?” “dying of a xanax overdose in a shopping mall demo massage chair wave”

Why do they call it a REST room “Why do they call it a restroom when I’m fighting for my life in here”

Happy Halloween Happy Halloween :)

Medication that makes you PISS
An art trade I did with NSFMeows!

Playing with a kill
My OTP dynamic I finished Hxh. Here are my thoughts: Neferpitou hot

Nanu's backstory
I really like Nanu’s sad backstory in Pokemon Sun/Moon. The composition is based on a painting by Ilya Repin. Maybe one day I’ll write a fanfic about this…

OK, time for Deltarune posting. There is a lot of stuff here. Spamton in the jar what will he do Oh no, Spamton is in the cum jar… what will happen to him?

Just kidding, it’s a normal jar Maybe it’s just a terrarium?

I lied. It is still a cum jar Nah, it’s a cum jar. RIP Spamton.

Spamton goatse This is right on the fence of what I’ll put behind a censor for this post. I mean, he’s just a puppet…?

Spamton’s penis The world’s least erotic penis. This is my headcanon. This is my design.

Shrimptin Spamton style Squid Game Spamton style Where the fuck are we Kris A couple Deltarune-flavored image edits.


Remember… who made u cum? Starting off the month strong with Nanu’s feetsies.

Weed lol Nanu breaking the law.

Nanu dies in minecraft I made my Minecraft skin Nanu and promptly died in the world’s jankiest outfit, so I drew this in commemoration.

Snograve ending A collaboration with my boyfriend.


I’m coping Actually I have more thoughts about the Chimera Ant arc.

I stared at a lot of really fucked up and depressing bedrooms for this one. Don’t you think Nanu would sleep on a mattress on the ground? He seems like that kind of guy. If he even owns a bed. He might just sleep on a couch.

A collab I did with a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

And that’s all! I hope to draw more this year and continue to improve. I feel like my art has recently reached some kind of plateau, which bums me out, but at the same time it’s understandable because I haven’t drawn as much and put in the necessary time to improve big-time. Well, I hope in the future I can put in that time and practice!

See you next year at the very latest ^-^

― haddock,

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