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Isn't this a dream come true? Isn't this a nightmare too?

: Nanu/Acerola fic. They bang. ⏰ 30 minute read

don’t worry about a thing, fuck the world (we just stay in bed all day)

Nanu and Acerola stay in.

Warning: They have sex! I repeat, they have sex!!!

Nanu tossed his half-eaten pizza crust at the trash bin, but it was intercepted by a hungry Meowth. “Eh, I would have landed it.” Acerola smiled disbelievingly at him, bouncing cheerfully in her seat. “Okay, maybe not.”

Acerola giggled, “Uncle Nanu, if I say you woulda landed it, can I have some dessert?” As she leaned her head on his shoulder, her small fingers trailed up his inseam.

He thought about the little sign they’d taped up on the front door for their impromptu lunch break. Really, hadn’t he been planning for this all along when he made the decision to stay in? “Well, we don’t usually have dessert after lunch…” Acerola pouted at him, so he continued, “but you’ve been such a good girl today.”

“Yay!” Sometimes, Nanu wished that the gut-wrenching reminders that she was still such a child didn’t also hit a baser part of his instincts. The sudden, encouraging squeeze Acerola gave him in response didn’t help his minor moral dilemma, of course.

“Just remember, we haven’t got all day.” He glanced at the clock on the far wall. “My lunch break can’t last forever, after all.”

It was two in the afternoon, a slow and lazy hour for Nanu’s police station, and though the weather was pleasant outside, the door was shut tight and the blinds shuttered closed, not letting any of the early afternoon sunshine in. Stuck to the door was a sheet of stationery, presumably his ward’s, what with the ghost-type pokemon printed around the margins, which read:

Out to lunch with Acerola!

Be back sometime

The first line was in a young girl’s loopy handwriting, the kind that said “Look, I have just mastered cursive in school, aren’t you proud of me?” with every carefully crossed “t” and heart-dotted “i”. Cute, charming handwriting for a cute, charming girl.

The second line was written as an afterthought in a hasty scrawl that teetered just on the edge of “legible enough for the casual reader”. Nanu had learned to write neatly many, many years ago, but as with most signifiers of propriety, no longer felt the need to.

There was no need for any casual visitor to go sticking their head in, and in case of an emergency, well, there were always police stations with less notoriously unreliable officers. If someone did poke their head in, however, they would find the slip of paper had been lying.

A half-eaten box of delivery pizza sat precariously at the edge of the counter that separated the visitor area from the rest of the station. Nearby, a Meowth had pulled a slice to the floor and was happily munching on the crust. Another Meowth sat on the armrest of Nanu’s couch and batted at the lift cord for the shutter shades with a rhythmic tap-tap-tap. One of the slats on the blinds had broken from a Meowth’s ministrations, and a patch of sunlight streamed in through it to reflect against the trial captain’s amulet Acerola kept pinned to her bangs as she bobbed her head unevenly between Nanu’s legs, trying to meet his gaze while also focusing on the task at hand.

The two of them were almost completely hidden from view by the chalkboard Nanu kept by his desk that was ostensibly for notes on various investigations but was mostly instead covered in little doodles Acerola liked to draw while he was working. From the door, all anyone would be able to see of them was the rumpled cloth of Nanu’s pant legs, the patchwork ribbon pinned to Acerola’s dress, and occasionally a flash of purple hair as she drew back to breathe before a weathered hand on the back of her head pulled her back forward.

Even though they didn’t need to, privacy all but assured, force of habit compelled them to be as quiet as possible. Through the haze of pleasure that kept him from thinking about the various worries in his day, that suppressed his better judgment with regards to his young ward, almost-daughter save the imposition of pages of paperwork and the guilt that pressed heavy on his heart late at night, a single absurd thought bubbled up to the forefront of his mind: Should I turn the radio on? It was across the room, though, and music usually ended up distracting him even though it masked the sound of their illicit relations.

The wet sound of her small tongue lapping against him could easily be mistaken for the sound of his Meowth purloining the pizza, but he wanted nothing more than to let out the breath that he felt like he’d been holding his whole life, since the moment he’d met her. Nanu had always felt awkward, unmasculine, about his impulse to moan, and while Acerola’s self-control was of course still developing, he let himself bite his tongue as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, almost letting himself get lost in the pure sensation of her clumsy, unpracticed tongue and tiny fingers wrapped sweetly around the base of his cock.

The only thing keeping him firmly tethered to the real world outside of the two of them was the need to listen for anyone outside that might interrupt them. It had never happened before, but once was enough to ruin him entirely, and a close call several weeks before had ended their irregular encounters in public, no matter how sweetly Acerola tempted him and offered to sit on his lap on the bus. But he felt his willpower eroding a little every day. He’d never had any self-control when it came to her.

The couch creaked. Acerola’s teeth grazed against the shaft of his cock again, and he grimaced with a sharp hiss, suddenly taken out of the moment.

“Slow down, Acerola,” he said gently, looking down to meet her eyes. Her hair was rumpled where his fingers had laced through it, and he fought the urge to smooth it down, knowing he was just about to muss it up again. “Don’t forget to watch your teeth. Do you want Uncle to help you?”

Acerola nodded, looking back up at him a little nervously. She was normally so headstrong and self-confident, but there were small moments that slipped through the cracks that reminded him that in the ways that mattered most, she was still such a little child. Part of him was reassured that he hadn’t completely ruined her yet and made her into a wretch like him, but mostly it reminded him of the stamped ticket to hell that was waiting for him when he died.

Nanu let his hand slide down to the side of her head, brushing aside a lock of hair with his thumb. “What a good little girl you are…” he murmured, and she seemed reassured by the gesture as she leaned into his touch. Her chin was sticky with drool and precome, but it was a futile effort to clean her up now. It had been fun to leave her to her own devices, but pleasant as it was to be teased all afternoon, he simply didn’t have the time or the restraint to let her set the pace all day. “Can you say ‘aaah’ for me?”

Acerola acquiesced, closing her eyes and sticking her tongue out obediently, only the little cleft in her upper lip keeping her mouth from forming a perfect “o”. What a good little girl, indeed. He guided the head of his cock back to the shallow groove in the center of her tongue and rubbed himself against her slowly, biting back a sigh as the tip of her tongue pressed into his frenulum. If she were just a little bit older, a little bit bigger, he wouldn’t have to hold back as much as he did with her, wouldn’t have to settle for the tiny taste of pleasure that the trail of gentle laps that she left along the length of his shaft promised. And yet, there was a perverse part of him that delighted in how small she was compared to him, the way her slender fingers could not yet fully wrap around his slowly hardening erection, the easy way her barely budding breasts fit against the smooth palm of his hand. He could consciously deny it all he wanted, but he loved her exactly as she was, and exactly as she would be, because she was nothing other than herself.

The little pang of guilt he felt every time she proved to have faith in him wasn’t enough for him to find something very erotic in the way that Acerola handed her body over to him. He had tried time and time again to prove that he wasn’t someone deserving of her trust, but his reluctance to expose her to the full truth of his past misdeeds had ended up whitewashing his history into something almost kid-friendly. Deep down, there was a part of him that didn’t want his ward to think of him as the murderer he was. Perhaps the sin that weighed heaviest on his heart had been a murder through inaction, but it was still a murder nonetheless. Even without the incident that haunted his nightmares and kept him up late at night whenever she wasn’t there to be by his side, his hands were still stained red.

But in this moment, it did not matter that he spent sleepless nights counting cracks in the ceiling and considering that one last pack of stale menthols he couldn’t bring himself to throw out with the rest, because she was choosing him. Even if he was undeserving of it, he could still enjoy the privilege of getting to be the one she desired. There was no point in dwelling on the horrors of the past when there was a pretty little girl kneeling on the floor before him, her eyes still shut tight in the trust that if she handed her body over to him, he wouldn’t do anything too drastic.

So far, he hadn’t done anything to shatter that trust. He hoped he never would, though his self-control was wearing thin with every involuntary light thrust against her parted lips. It was getting too pleasant to bear, and even if he’d done it many times before, he wasn’t sure if his pride as a man could allow him to live down cutting their afternoon short by coming all over her face without getting to properly touch her even once. In an attempt to hold himself back from the quickly approaching precipice, he withdrew and brushed his free hand against her cheek in a gentle caress. “Acerola, do you want to take the lead again? You’re getting the hang of it now.”

Acerola nodded, and he could swear a sly smile crossed her face for just a second. Really, it was better to let her take charge like this. Maybe it was delusional to imagine that doing this let some of the responsibility slip off of his shoulders, but loving Acerola was a mania he was teaching himself to live with.

“Hmm, is this Uncle’s favorite part to kiss?” Acerola drew her head back for a moment before pressing her lips as chastely as one could against the tip of his cock.

When her tongue darted out to quickly taste the bead of precome that traitorously answered her question, Nanu couldn’t help but lowly groan out an affirmation. Really, calling him “uncle” was cheating. Nanu knew how much she liked drawing attention to the very taboo that made their true relationship so clandestine. He knew that she knew how much he enjoyed it too, to the point that a little squeeze of his hand and her sweet voice asking him “Please, uncle Nanu?” for an unrelated favor had been enough to raise Malie Gardens’ ambient temperature by ten degrees, cutting their little lunch outing short and leaving his fly feeling uncomfortably tight for the whole hurried walk home.

“Or is it this part?” She leaned forward and swiped her tongue along the ridge of his glans, and although Nanu couldn’t see her expression clearly from the angle, he could tell she was smiling devilishly as he let out a short whimper and involuntarily jerked his hips up to thrust pointlessly against her cheek and small button nose. He wanted nothing more than to throw caution out the window and cram his cock into her little mouth, to finally feel himself fully enveloped in her in any way he could. Of course, this simply wasn’t possible. It was too easy to hurt her by accident, and even if Acerola complained sometimes that he treated her like glass the truth was that she was far too precious for him to risk. (A glimmer of conscience told him that he had already broken her far beyond repair. He ignored it. This was something that made her happy, so wasn’t it worth it?)

“Fuck, Acerola—” he groaned, despite himself. She had recently gotten quite good at breaking down his pride, to the point that he’d started to drop the pretense around her altogether. Across the room, a Meowth knocked a snowglobe off of the bookcase with a loud thunk. Both Nanu and Acerola reacted instantly: Nanu turning towards the startling sound, frozen in place like a Deerling with his pants around his ankles, and Acerola drawing herself closer to him, scooting her scuffed knees forward and burying her face in his middle-aged paunch.

The seconds ticked on slowly. Nanu could feel the heat of Acerola’s breath against his belly while the dull throb of his erection beat a steady rhythm on the hollow of her shoulder. His Z-Ring felt like a shackle around his wrist. As his heart rate abated, the ornament, unbroken, rolled to a stop against the far wall. The muscles he didn’t realize he’d been tensing relaxed all at once, and he held her close like that for a moment more before beckoning her to sit beside him.

Acerola’s hair was tousled and her face flushed from her ministrations. For a moment, a look of uncertainty crossed her face before she beamed up at him. “It’ll be alright, won’t it?” Her shoulder was bare where the sleeve of her dress had slipped down. More than anything, Nanu wanted to kiss her, so he leaned over and answered her question. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever get used to the slightly bitter taste of himself on her tongue, but it soon got lost in the feeling of her lips softly crushed against his own and the slight weight of her body pushing him back as she climbed astride him, the thin white cotton of her Tuesday panties brushing lightly, maddeningly lightly, against his aching cock.

As they parted to catch their breath, Nanu took the moment to pull his Z-Ring off of his wrist, then unclipped Acerola’s flower-shaped amulet from her rumpled hair and set them aside. Sometimes, he wished that it could always be like this, a world with just the two of them and none of the responsibilities and expectations the outside world demanded. No trial captain, no kahuna, no gods, no Elite Four, just Nanu and Acerola and lazy afternoons spent exploring each other’s bodies with the window blinds firmly shut.

“This is your uncle Nanu’s favorite part to kiss,” he said softly, brushing her bangs aside, and gently pressed his lips against her bare forehead. He pulled her forward to lay on top of him, straddling his belly, and could tell from how her bare thighs squeezed around his waist that she was starting to grow impatient too.

It was all well and good to lazily make out on the couch like a pair of teenagers, but the truth was that neither of them fit into that demographic. No matter how hard Nanu wished it wasn’t so, they both had obligations to the outside world that necessitated getting off sooner rather than later. He turned his head out of the patch of sunlight streaming through the little hole in the blinds and let her kiss his neck as he let his hands roam lazily over her small body. Even though her dress was long enough for the hemline to pass her knees, it still provided for very easy access. He wanted to make sure he got her warmed up enough for him to fuck her without hurting her by accident. Sure, he could push into her right now and probably find a way to fit somehow, but he felt so immeasurably guilty every time he had to wipe the small beads of tears from her eyes because he had been impatient, because he hadn’t made sure she was ready enough. It made Nanu feel like he had committed an unforgivable crime each time. It reminded him of the unforgivable crime he was catching himself in the act of committing. But it was such a simple thing to assuage his guilt a little with some foreplay instead, to hike the skirt part of her dress up over the slight curve of her ass and slip one finger under the thin fabric of her panties, eliciting a surprised little squeak of pleasure.

“Shh, Acerola,” he shushed her out of habit, but he couldn’t deny that the auditory feedback was going straight to his dick. “It wouldn’t be good for anyone to hear.” The words felt more like ritual than reprimand at this point, and he knew she could feel his traitorous erection twitch against the inside of her thigh in time with every quiet gasp she let out.

“But it tickles so much, Uncle,” Acerola moaned, but she wiggled forward even as she mock-complained, rhythmically rocking into his touch. Her purple hair brushed against his face; it still smelled fresh from when she’d washed it in the morning.

One finger became two, and Nanu chuckled lowly as Acerola ground her hips back against the flat of his hand. “Eager little thing, aren’t you?” He could feel the tiny nub of her clit hard against his palm every time his fingers curled inside of her. She was still so small; if he stretched his middle finger out as far as it could go, he would be able to brush up against her cervix. It was incredible to think that in a few minutes his adult-sized cock would somehow be inside her.

“Uncle Nanu, you’re so mean,” Acerola whined, her brow wrinkled in indignation. The sleeves of her dress had slipped past her shoulders, leaving her small breasts exposed. Acerola was just old enough to be at that liminal point between needing and not-needing a training bra, but neither had pressed the issue because Nanu liked the view when she leaned forward more than he liked going clothes shopping with her (which was more than he liked going clothes shopping with anybody else, even if he said otherwise). And, of course, anyone else who might have noticed her little growth spurt enough to comment was clearly a pervert and warranted no reply. Anyone other than him, of course.

One of her hands slipped between his legs and squeezed roughly in response to his ministrations. “Hurry up if you’re really so worried about someone finding out!”

Nanu pulled out to lick his fingers clean, savoring the salty taste of her arousal on his fingertips, then placed both hands on her hips to steady her above him. “Well, if you really insist.” Even though he’d definitely gotten her turned on, he wasn’t sure if he’d loosened her up enough for his cock. Maybe it would be enough. It got a little easier every time, after all. He exhaled slightly before shakily lining the small entrance of her pussy up against the angle of his cock and allowing himself to push in as gently as his self-control allowed.

“Aue! Your thingy is too big,” she immediately complained, and it was music to his ears. Or at least his ego. It was difficult to adjust at first; she was still so small that he was only able to fit the head of his cock inside before feeling her tense up around him, tightening to the point that he could go no further. Little tears of discomfort welled up in the corner of her eyes (Nanu hated it when she cried. Even though this time he could say that she rushed him, it still felt like he’d let her down somehow every time).

He let his hands run up and down the sides of her waist under her dress; somehow he knew (or maybe he hoped) that she would never grow up to be especially curvy. “Relax,” he tried to soothe her, “here, let’s take this off.”

Acerola sniffled once and raised her arms above her head to let Nanu pull her dress off. The light cast through the blinds backlit her hair like a lavender halo as he let her clothes drop to the floor; even without the light, Nanu would have sworn she was an angel. Maybe a fallen one, with her panties pushed to one side and her face flushed a light pink, but an angel all the same. The distraction of taking off her clothes helped her relax a little; she no longer felt so much like a vise around him. He wanted to grab her unceremoniously by the hips and bury himself in her to the hilt, but he knew it would be better for both of them if he let Acerola set the pace from here on. She’d earned it, after all.

“Still too big?” Every time his cock disappeared into her, he was still amazed that it fit so well into a tiny little girl like her.

She shook her head and smiled bravely, but her hands grabbed tighter into his shoulders, hard enough to leave a mark under his shirt that wouldn’t fade till morning. Nanu decided to help alleviate some of her discomfort by leaning forward and pressing a hungry kiss to one of her barely-there breasts. The way she squirmed against him, sinking deeper onto his cock as he bit down on the soft mound of her small breast, was nearly enough for him to come inside her tiny pussy right then and there.

“Does it feel good when your Uncle Nanu fucks you, Acerola?” He rubbed his thumb around the small bud of her other nipple, mesmerized by how it stood in response to his touch. She was still too young for her breasts to really bounce as she rode him, but Nanu found it charming anyway.

“Feels really good,” Acerola slurred happily as she rocked astride him, her small hands gripped tight into the cloth of his striped shirt to stabilize herself. He let a hand rest in the dip in the small of her back and rubbed a calloused thumb against the curve of her spine to the rhythm of her hips grinding against him. Her tiny body was so warm against him, he couldn’t help but hold her.

He wanted to ask her to tell him just how good his cock was making her feel, but the way she smiled at him as she clenched around him with every stroke of his cock into her was answer enough. It was probably impossible to get a straight answer out of her when she was like this, anyway.

She rode him like it was second nature now, but it wasn’t long ago that he’d had to teach her how best to take him. Nanu felt a brief stab of guilt for how much he’d already changed her, but the regret was quickly erased by the cute surprised noises of pleasure she made every time his hips twitched up to meet her on the downstroke and the way she tensed around him when he rolled her still-developing nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

There was a little bit of pride there too, though. Even if it was sick and twisted of him, he felt some kind of accomplishment in how he’d molded her petite body to match his own like two puzzle pieces slotted together. It was in the way his hands fit perfectly on the slight curve of her waist, in the way her head fit in the crook of his neck to leave tiny love bites he’d have to turn his collar up to hide later, in the way his finger could slide between her still-smooth labia and draw small circles around her clit until she shuddered around him and cried out loudly enough for the Meowth to stop clawing his curtains to shreds and stare.

He let her lay there for a few seconds, slumped against him and panting from the force of her climax, before patting her on the back as gently as he could while his cock was still rock-hard inside her. “Hey, princess?”

It was an endearment that he could only bring himself to call her in private. There was something seedy about referring so explicitly to her royal parentage during sex that gave him pause, but she seemed to like it anyway. He supposed it wasn’t much worse than the way his cock jumped to attention every time she called him “Uncle Nanu,” all things considered.

“Mm.” He felt her quiet noise of acknowledgement against his collarbone more than he really heard it. Well, at least she hadn’t passed out like the time before last. It felt great to fuck a cute little thing like her into oblivion, but awkwardly pulling out and finishing himself off over her unconscious body had been a deeply unsettling experience even before his come had gone cold on her summer-tanned skin and the endorphin rush from his orgasm had drained away to leave nothing but the wave of self-loathing that always came after. Acerola was always good at chasing those feelings away with a simple smile once she woke up, though.

“Are you up for a little more?” It wouldn’t take much now for him to reach the tipping point; the intoxicating scent of Acerola’s cherry-scented 3-in-1 shampoo and the weak aftershocks of her climax were milking his dick for all it was worth, but he wanted to fuck her properly while he still had a go in him. He wasn’t as young as he’d used to be, though of course Acerola hadn’t been around when he’d been in his prime.

Acerola nodded a little sleepily, and even though he couldn’t see her face clearly through her hair, he could tell she was smiling.

She was so cute like this, he couldn’t help but tease her a little. “Use your words, Acerola.” Nanu shifted his hips slightly, just enough to press into her a little deeper as a reminder of his own arousal. He could count the notches of her spine under his fingertips as he stroked her back bracingly.

“I wanna feel you come inside me,” Acerola breathed out all at once, “please oh please, Uncle Nanu?” Acerola begged for his cock the same way any other girl her age would beg for a sweet or a toy from the Malie City flea market. She wriggled against him, a little sweaty from exertion, and he could tell the honesty in her request from how her body responded, how she pushed to meet him, how her fingers gripped tight into him to leave pink marks that would be faded by tomorrow morning.

Well, he couldn’t say no to a pretty little girl asking him so nicely like that, could he? “Good girl.” His hands fit nicely on the side of her hips. “Up we go,” Nanu said as if she were a babe climbing piggyback on his shoulders to see the June fireworks on the Hau’oli beachfront again. Though he had loved her then too, his love for her had felt less prurient and more platonic during those halcyon days. At least he thought it might have been, or else surely he would have made a move sooner. The inertia of desire had suffused fully into every childhood memory they shared before the start of their coupling, like the thin tendrils of rot growing into an overripe fruit.

He could no longer remember a time when he did not want her as he did now. The first time that they had really even kissed, more like lovers than like family, had been after an agonizing eternity of hesitance and aborted half-starts on both of their parts. There had been no “lightbulb” moment where he had realized just how horribly he had fallen for her and she for him, only hugs that lasted longer than felt proper and an ache in his chest he had tried to force himself to believe wasn’t yearning every time she smiled up at him, her fingers lacing nervously with his own. He couldn’t trust his memory of Acerola anymore; even the old home videos he’d kept on tape of her had taken on a sensual cast after he’d finally stopped lying to himself and realized how much he had wanted her. Always wanted her? His capability for coherent thought seemed to fall by the wayside whenever it came to her these days.

Nanu slipped out as he flipped her onto her back, and took care to slide her panties all the way off for easier future access. She looked so lovely with her panties pushed to one side, but she was even lovelier to behold wearing nothing at all. And here he was, still fully-clothed, his cock hanging out the front of his boxers (which were now thoroughly soaked through with Acerola’s juices). Acerola, as if reading his mind, tugged at the hem of his shirt for him to strip it off, so he did. He pulled his belt off for good measure, her cotton panties still balled up tight in his other hand. A small Meowth’s paw batted at the belt buckle from under the couch where it had, somehow, been napping.

He was tempted to take a sniff of her panties before continuing, then realized in a bolt of clarity that he had the real thing right there for the taking before him instead. “Acerola, scoot back a lil’, will you?”

“Eh? Uncle, I thought you were gonna keep—” Acerola’s confusion quickly melted into pleasure as Nanu dropped down to bury his face between her legs. Her clit was still swollen and sensitive from the first time she’d came, and he could easily find it by touch alone with his tongue. “Uncle—!” Acerola’s thighs squeezed tighter around him as he continued to focus his attentions on her clitoris.

Nanu could taste himself a little bit through the salty mix of her sweat and arousal, but it wasn’t unpleasant. He’d been making more of an effort to take care of himself since he’d started taking care of her all those years ago, and once they’d started consummating their pseudo-familial relationship, bathing regularly had become even more attractive. After all, it was much easier to get clean with a partner, even if the amount of time they spent in the bath had near-tripled.

He’d already stretched her out pretty considerably with his cock, but the way she tightened right back up around his finger as he slipped a finger inside and probed to find the rough little patch inside her that he knew was her still-developing g-spot was enough to have him reaching down and squeezing his aching cock in an attempt not to rut against the couch cushions. He wasn’t about to embarrass himself by coming all over himself just from the act of eating his ward out, but he was damn close to that disaster. Even so, he ended up moaning against her despite himself and jerking his hips fruitlessly, his cock heavy in his palm. Acerola’s own stuttering cries grew even louder and slurred into each other, her back arching up as she tightened around his fingers in time to the erratic laps of his tongue against her clit.

It was nice, he thought to himself, that his closest neighbors lived on the other side of a walled community.

Her legs were still trembling from her second orgasm as he grabbed her ankles to hook them up around his shoulders. Maybe his back would regret this position later, but his dick certainly wasn’t regretting it. He couldn’t give a shit about anything but the present at the moment.

It was a lot easier to line his cock up with her entrance, though he took his time to shallowly rub up against her, teasing her with just the tip of his cock before burying himself into her to the hilt in one smooth motion. He could thrust a lot deeper into her at this angle, and she’d loosened up around him enough to no longer have such a stranglehold on his dick.

Acerola let out a cry of pleasure the first time he bottomed out near her cervix, and then again the second time, her moans becoming a steady staccato stream of “ah”s in time with each thrust. Nanu knew for safety and security’s sake that he shouldn’t encourage her noisiness during sex, but the sounds she made every time his cock brushed against that sweet spot inside her were too cute for him to chastise. Despite himself, he found himself thrusting a bit harder and deeper into her, as if by instinct, with every cute little noise Acerola let out.

Besides, he wasn’t exactly following his own rule either. His own breath had started to come out in pants, amplified by the still quiet of their surroundings. Each time he shifted his weight forward and pressed into her, the couch rhythmically creaked in time to his labored breaths and her tiny sighs.

Nanu was still going to try and quiet her enough that any nosy aunties or peeping toms passing by wouldn’t suspect any illicit activities, though. Instead of scolding her, he cupped her cheek with one hand as he buried his cock in her to the hilt. The way Acerola gently turned her head into his touch even as he could feel her clamping around him, almost tighter than ever before, made him feel twenty years younger. Which, of course, would not be enough to bridge the massive chasm that existed between their two ages.

His thumb lightly brushed against her parted lips, rubbing a small circle around the corner of her mouth. “Here, Acerola. Will you be a good girl, and suck on this for me?”

Acerola answered by taking his thumb into her mouth, suckling on it greedily. Her practice from earlier had paid off, and her small tongue deftly swirled around his fingertip with much more ease than before.

It was enough to make Nanu come in what felt like only seconds, his whole body shivering as his cock pulsed and shot his load in Acerola’s tiny little pussy. God, he hated to admit it, and could never say it out loud, but Nanu loved little girls. Loved fucking them. He loved the feeling of Acerola’s underage pussy, wrapped around his dick. She was too young to grow even the faintest wisp of pubic hair. He’d never be able to go back to normal sex again.

“Uncle Nanu, you made a big mess!” Acerola exclaimed as Nanu’s thumb popped out of her mouth and Nanu’s softening cock popped out of her pretty little cunt. She reached down and gestured at it–cum was already leaking out onto the couch cushions. Despite this, Acerola didn’t seem upset in the slightest. She was still at the semi-innocent age where cum fascinated her. It was gross, it was cool, it was still novel and new.

“Come on now, don’t smear it all around,” Nanu said, reaching for his discarded shirt to wipe himself off. He’d wash it later. It was a damn sight, though, watching Acerola play with his cum. Watching her lift a sticky finger to her lips out of curiosity made Nanu wish he was a few decades younger so he could go at it again.

Come to think of it…

After only a moment of hesitation, Nanu pulled on a pair of boxers and strode to the door to take down a certain paper sign.

“What are you doing, Uncle Nanu?” Acerola asked as Nanu crossed out the word “lunch” and replaced it with “dinner”.

No, he couldn’t feel guilty about it at all. Guilt was nothing but a performance he used to convince himself he wasn’t an evil person.

Well, bring on the evil.

Nanu smirked. “How about we have some dessert after dinner, too?”

Teenage delinquents squatted by the Route 17 sign, trading secret handshakes and stolen cigarettes in the reddish glow of late afternoon’s sunset. Their former boss and his Pokémon stood hunched by the police station’s closed doors nearby, squinting to read the handwritten sign someone had taped up several hours earlier.

“Out to dinner with Acerola, be back soon…? All right, Golisopod, buddy, you keep an eye out and tell me if the geezer’s coming my way. Got it?”

The massive Pokémon nodded at him and seemed to wink before shuffling off to keep watch. Guzma grinned rakishly before shaking his spray paint bottle with a menacing rattle. Even though the bright red “X” taped over his jacket’s insignia nominally meant that he was reformed, old habits died hard.

As he started to spray “Guzma wus here, ACAB” and a little drawing of a Wimpod on the newly repainted wall, he quietly wondered out loud to himself, “Wonder what the old guy’s having right now… Hope it’s something nice. Aaah, Guzma, what the hell is wrong with you?”

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― haddock,

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