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January 2020 Art Dump

: Various pictures from January 2020 ⏰ 3 minute read

Here’s all my old art from January of 2020! Wow, it’s been a whole over a year since I drew this and my art is still the same quality 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

That one horrid photo of the British Prince and Virginia Giuffre but with Looker and RSE!Anabel

I always got a little bit of a groomery vibe from the Looker/Anabel relationship what with the whole finding a 13 year old girl washed up on the beach and ending up in such a strange relationship later, but that could just be my own wild delusion. Anyway I still ship it a lot (to the chagrin of everyone else who ships it!) lol :-)

Drawing of Nanu as Jeffrey Epstein

After that I ended up drawing a bunch of pictures of Nanu as Jeffrey Epstein for some godforsaken reason. There was this really funny Twitter account that posted Jeffrey Epstein fancams around this time and I realized that… despite everything… the man had drip!!! So I used the photos for outfit inspiration.

I guess I don’t really have to have a reason to draw anything, but looking back on it, it’s a little weird lol. Well considering that I headcanon Nanu as a guy who has sex with teenage girls it’s fitting, right? (Sweating increases)

Death Stranding but with Acerola as the little baby

Here’s something a little less dreadful for my public image. I was going to do more with the idea of this, because I think the relationship between Sam and BB is really neat to explore and it’s always fun to draw Acerola as a little bb, but I ended up uh… not doing that… Oh well.

Nanu’s asscrack

It’s a drawing of Nanu’s asscrack. Yeah I know he has a flat ass in canon but that’s why fanart exists. To provie alternative interpretations. Right…?

Nanu and Acerola at a cafe

TBH I don’t like this picture too much. I have trouble sometimes with simplifying or overdetailing, and I think this picture fell prey to my low ability to simplify effectively at this point in time. Wanting to draw realistically but also wanting to draw cartoonily is truly a special hell. But I do like the color palette and pose. Maybe I’ll redraw it (tosses that idea onto my pile of “ideas I’m probably not goingn to do”)

Redraw of a Monet painting with Kabu and Opal

I actually really like this still! It’s a lot of fun to look at the art that I love and then see if I can figure out how it was done, or try to make my own version. But because art theft is rude, I only try to do this with paintings that are either very famous or in the public domain.

Acerola bending over and looking through her legs

Maybe I always draw Acerola’s skirt too short. So what, I am a lolicon after all!

Even though this art is old, I hope you still like it. I had fun while drawing these pictures and I hope to keep having fun while drawing for a long time to come.

― haddock,

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