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July 2020 Art Dump

: various pictures from july 2020 ⏰ 1 minute read

Another month, another couple of drawings!

Gumshoe in a funny little costume Oh yeah I remember why I didn’t draw much in June. I was playing Ace Attorney. Man, it’s a fun game but once I’ve played it once I feel like it’s too easy lol. I actually got the new 3D one for the Switch but I just loved the 2D art so much from the old games that I can’t bear to play it.

Acerola shwoing off Nanu’s xray after he shoved a toy train up his ass This is in preparation for Bobaboard’s “Draw your fave getting sexy with Thomas the Tank Engine” day. Man I used to love watching Jackass. What a show. Maybe that’s why I’m the way I am, lol.

Nanu and Acerola sitting next to each other I still really like this picture for real. Ah… It’s so cute…

Acerola holding the Baby Jesus (meowth) I like pastiching religious art, but tbh this one I kind of want to revisit sometime.

Hatsune Miku Wearing A Thomas Jefferson Binder You’ve heard of Thomas Jefferson wearing the Miku Binder1, now get ready for Hatsune Miku wearing a Thomas Jefferson Binder. This picture is my most popular tweet ever in my life even though it’s my lowest effort picture ever.

  1. If you haven’t, you live a truly blessed life. ↩︎

― haddock,

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