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May 2020 Art Dump

: Various pictures from May 2020 ⏰ 1 minute read

Being quarantined this month really kicked in and I spent more time doing real things IRL. Most of these are redraws of memes or funny screencaps.

Ceiling Meowth is watching you masturbate

Ceiling Meowth is watching you…

Looker cracks the coconut conspiracy

This is a fanart for a fanfic I love dearly, Distress Coconut.

Acerola eats an egg

Acerola Eating An Egg (in the style of a Ghibli movie, maybe)

Acerola and Nanu go on vacation

Mostly I wanted to practice drawing landscapes. Unfortunately, I decided to put my favorite characters in it, and realized to my absolute dismay that the landscape I was drawing wasn’t Alolan enough… Hence the Power Spots or whatever they’re called in Galar.

Alfred F Jones squatting on Ivan Braginsky’s back

Yes, I am capable of drawing other fandoms. I just choose not to. You should be grateful.

My true opinion of Nanu ships

A redraw of a meme.

Anabel proposes Looker

Another redraw of a meme.

Looker carries out a sting operation

I like drawingn Looker crossdressing because he’s a true master of disguise. It’s incharacter for him. He dresses as your fucking mom in one of the games.

― haddock,

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