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my latest blogge update

: I'm putting more stuff on my blog. Web design is my passion :) ⏰ 1 minute read

I figured out how to put an annoying little button on everything so that it asks you if you’re OK with adult content whenever you go into my fanfics :)

Mostly this is because I plan to start putting Nanu/Acerola drawings up on this site and I know the casual browser of Neocities might go “Whoa what oh my god!” or whatever, so it’s a little buffer zone. In fact, I’ve already put up a Nanu/Acerola fic!

I also updated a few more months of backdated content. I hope to put up all my 2020 art by the end of 2021, but that probably won’t happen due to the dreaded “finals season” lol. It is technically uploaded to my site but I haven’t made a page for it… Please wait patiently a little while more.

Hope you have a nice holiday (or had one already) and have a great new year! Here’s to 2022 being a fun year.

― haddock,