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October 2020 Art Dump

: various pictures from october 2020 ⏰ 4 minute read

Oh god so many drawings AAAH. It’s because I started Cringetober adn then gave up. Lots of landmines in here, so be careful.

Hey buddy I think you’ve got the wrong door, the leather club’s two blocks down FUCK YOU Hey buddy, I think you’ve got the wrong door, the leather club’s two blocks down.

I kept this as my desktop background for a very long time until I accidentally reset it.

Kabu's Secret

A drawing based on a fanfic I love: Kabu’s Secret

Spigot Jerkcity I’m a huge Bonequest/Jerkcity fan. If you haven’t read it before, check it out!

Piers with a gun Piers with a gun. I think this was a request lol.

Venus Cupid Folly and Time
A pastiche of the Mannerist painting, “Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time”. Took me fucking forever lol. I love “Mannerist Guzma” screaming in the background so much.

Polteageist seething Polteageist seething over iced tea. I was gonna turn this into a pin but the company mangled my order and fucked it up. Never get pins from Stickermule. Just stick to their stickers. My god.

Nanu trying to do yoga Nanu tries a fitness.

Nanu trying to do a pose Nanu tries another fitness… The I-pose trend from a year ago.

nanu in the hospital lol And immediately ends up in the hospital. Sorry you have to look at his little penie in this picture.

Acerola in a little nurse outfit Luckily Acerola is able to help!

This is a direct pastishe of “Enema of the State” lol

Life Alert Nanu is an old person, after all.

Rei in the tube what will she do Do you think Gendo jacked off in front of Rei when she was in the tube? I do.

Acerola about to peg Nanu
I had fun drawing this picture. :)

Acerola about to peg Nanu
Here’s the jokerfied version.

Once upon a time in Hau’oli-wood A parody of the car scene from “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”.

Nanu eating Acerolas pussy
Get it? Get it? Pussy?

Hex maniac offering you some nice milk Acerola accepting the milk Acerola givng Nanu the milk Nanu with titties

Miltank, the Milk Cow Pokemon: Its milk is high in calories and packed with nutrients. Therefore, if you drink too much of it, you may wind up with a body like Miltank’s.

The thrilling saga.

Guzma falls off his bike Had fun drawing this but have no idea what the thought process was behind it lol.

Happy Halloween Happy Halloween!

Cringetober stuff

  1. Heterochromia Heterochromia
  2. Animal ears Animal ears
  3. 2000s alt fashion 2000s alt fashion
  4. Glomping Glomping
  5. Meme template Meme template
  6. Fake screenshot Fake screenshot
  7. “Victorian” fashion “Victorian” fashion
  8. Just standing there Just standing there
  9. A lot of belts A lot of belts
  10. Blue hair Blue hair
  11. Impractical weapon Impractical weapon
  12. Demon OC Demon OC
  13. that outfit looks cool in theory that outfit looks cool in theory
  14. I’m not a furry but I’m not a furry but

And then I ran out of steam, lol. I think I just couldn’t think of a Legolas expy to draw and died instantly.

― haddock,

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