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old headcanons

: some of the otp headcanons i wrote a few years ago on a now-deleted blog ⏰ 5 minute read

I used to like doing these little ask meme things with my OTP. I kind of miss that, but now that Tumblr is gone to shit it’s not really uhhhhhh as feasible.

Some of these headcanons may no longer by valid but I won’t tell you which ones!

who hogs the duvet acerola definitely. nanu’s always grouchy because every night without fail she grabs all the blankets and flips around so her head’s on his thighs and her foot’s kicking him in the chin

who texts/rings to check how their day is going acerola at first but then once nanu finally “understands” texting, actually him. he wants to make sure she’s doing ok!

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts nanu doesn’t give gifts very often but when he does he tries to make it as thoughtful as possible. he usually makes something by hand for acerola’s birthday every year even though he’s not very craftsy

who gets up first in the morning nanu wakes up early every morning to make her a cute lunch and pretend it’s no big deal

who suggests new things in bed acerola does, but it’s mostly based on what she’s found snooping through nanu’s search history

who cries at movies acerola isn’t afraid to be genuine with her emotions. nanu still is, a little bit, but on occasion tears up at seemingly random parts. he denies this completely

who gives unprompted massages acerola! it’s more an excuse to feel him up though

who fusses over the other when they’re sick they both fuss over each other a Lot. nanu wins out by a small margin

who gets jealous easiest nanu a little bit but he says he’s just being protective of her. technically they’re both non-exclusive, and nanu does bone a lot of dudes on the side, but acerola hasn’t found anyone who she’d ever love as much as him and nanu is afraid to love anyone (but even though he can’t admit it he loves her more than anything)

who has the most embarrassing taste in music nanu gets very embarrassed whenever acerola unearths photos of a younger him wearing various band merches. but acerola thinks it’s really cool every time

who collects something unusual acerola collects a lot of occult paraphernalia. nanu collects cats and cat accessories

who takes the longest to get ready nanu won’t admit this, but it takes him longer than it used to these days to get his pants zipped up

who is the most tidy and organised nanu’s doing a bit better emotionally now so he actually picks up around the police station (this is also slightly for acerola’s sake). the meowth undo it very quickly but at least he tries

who gets most excited about the holidays acerola naturally loves the absolute fuck out of halloween and goes all-out with it every year.

who is the big spoon/little spoon they switch it up; acerola likes being the big spoon because nanu is warm and soft and very squeezable, and nanu likes to be the big spoon because acerola’s just the right size for him to surreptitiously slip his cock between her thighs

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports acerola is actually frighteningly skilled at battling. she’s an elite four member after all! nanu used to let her beat him but now he has to really put up a fight. ever since she’s started to surpass him he actually gets really serious with battles

who starts the most arguments acerola tries to get nanu to be honest about his feelings and nanu tries to convince her that she deserves better than a wretch like him but they are both very stubborn people. nanu also sometimes takes his acerbity too far and acerola sometimes does the same with her teasing

who suggests that they buy a pet it’s not so much nanu suggests they get a pet than acerola comes home one day and there’s a new meowth in the herd

what couple traditions they have movie nights and going out to sushi high roller together

what tv shows they watch together they watch a lot of cop procedurals together. acerola likes hearing nanu explain how inaccurate everything is because he gets really into it

what other couple they hang out with they don’t hang out with other couples in a couples context because nanu’s reputation would be ruined. nanu takes her out with him when looker and anabel come to visit though and pretends she invited herself along every time (everyone knows he’s lying)

how they spend time together as a couple it’s a lot of lazing about in nanu’s police station. they do a lot more family activities out and about together but not really as a couple because nanu has at least some semblance of a reputation to uphold, no matter how shabby it might be (though acerola likes to cut these outings short sometimes by being a horrible tease)

who made the first move acerola, because nanu always second-guessed himself whenever she expressed interest in him, no matter how blatantly. eventually this escalated to acerola literally taking his dick out while they were watching a movie

who brings flowers home acerola likes to pick flowers on her way home from the library or her trial captaining. she’s also started a little wildflower garden in the back, which is doing very well thanks to tapu bulu

who is the best cook nanu is a really good cook now that he has someone to cook for. unfortunately for nanu’s waistline, acerola is a skilled baker

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