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September 2020 Art Dump

: various pictures from september 2020 ⏰ 1 minute read

Lots of Acerola art this month! Acerola my beloved…

Acerola eating apple sauce I think it’s cute for Nanu to take care of Acerola when she’s sick.

Nanu wearing a cool shirt This shirt rules.

Acerola in a dimly lit room It’s fun to draw over weird ass photos and put in Pokemon characters.

Nanu dressed as Yoshikage Kira Think about it… Both shitty cat men who just want to live a simple life…

Don’t ask Nanu discovers anatomy… Based on a famous manga panel from Parasyte.

Mrs. Nanu My take on the amazing comic “Mr. Boop”

Acerola right after drawing that

― haddock,

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