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Some More Site Updates

: I'm still at it lol ⏰ 3 minute read

I updated a couple of things on the website and made a little portfolio site for someone else! Now I’m considering putting Fontawesome on my website too, but I don’t really uhhhh have any reason to use it. There are a lot of funny icons that I could use though.

Dark mode should look a little less horrible now I HOPE. I also fixed up the tables–oh goddamn it they’re broken on dark mode now. One sec.

Please enjoy this little MP3 I found while I fix the tables on dark mode.

Oh, also I updated my webring! It looks better and it’s hosted on an actual Github Page so you can see the list of sites instead of hitting random and praying. Now I just have to get everyone in the ring to update their code :-/ Hopefully one day…

If you want to join a webring or make a new one with me please let me know and I’ll set one up. It’s easy now. :)

My last blog update of the day is something that nobody cares about but I made a little automation routine for pushing my shit to Neocities with a batch file. If you use Microcock Winblows (and Hugo, and the Neocities CLI), you can also use this method!

First you set up your folder like so:

📁 Your cool website folder that you set up with Hugo
├─ 📁 archetypes
├─ 📁 content
├─ 📁 data
├─ 📁 layouts
├─ 📁 public
├─ 📁 resources
├─ 📁 static
├─ 📁 themes
├─ 📁 whatever else you have in there
├─ 📄 .gitmodules
├─ 📄 config.toml
├─ 📄 whatever else there is
└─ 📑 Your_cool_new_batch_file.bat 

And then in the batch file, just put this code:

@ECHO off
ECHO congratulations
CALL hugo

CHOICE /N /C YN /M "Do you want to upload your site to Neocities? [Y/N]"
IF NOT errorlevel 2 IF errorlevel 1 GOTO Continue

CALL neocities push public

What this does is first it builds your site locally using CALL hugo, then gives you a choice to push it to Neocities. If you ran this by accident, you can abort by hitting N (or any other non-yes letter, actually) when prompted. And then it pushes your files from the public folder (where Hugo makes your actual site) to Neocities automatically with the CALL neocities push public. Easy. (Just make sure you are logged into Neocities with the CLI first.)

And then all you have to do is double click the little button whenever you want to update your website. I’m lazy and make a shit load of typos so this is my ideal solution.

Anyway that’s all from me.

Happy 604 day :)

― haddock,

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