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Some Small Blog Updates

: Changes to the website ⏰ 2 minute read

I’ve added a few little things here and there to improve the look of the site!

  • An attribution for the software I use to make my static site
  • An attribution for the theme I use (modified a little by me to meet my EXACTING AESTHETIC STANDARDS)
  • One of those little 88x31 px banners that people used to love using during the Netscape era! Please feel free to link to my webpage if you have a website of your own :)
  • Little bloggy blurb descriptions are now visible on the blog index page
  • Various CSS fixes just to meet my EXACTING AESTHETIC STANDARDS

I think I’ll start porting fanfiction, old fanart (backdated so it’s not all uh… in your face at once), and more of my study materials over to this site in a little bit. I write everything in Markdown anyway before converting it to HTML and posting it to other websites, so it should be pretty easy.

But first, I want to play a video game or stare longingly at the package tracker that shows that the thing I ordered is just sitting in a fucking warehouse and not being delivered to me even though it’s two days late and the warehouse is RIGHT THERE IN THE CITY I LIVE IN. I love it. Really do. Love to not get my mail on time when I pay extra for expedited shipping. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing I can do about it other than be bratty and complain…

ANyway, see you next time…

― haddock,