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: I've been doodling a bit ⏰ 1 minute read

I’m trying to keep up with posting my art around when I draw it. Here’s some stuff from the last 2 months! Redraw of Acerola as Lum It’s the year of the Tiger now! So of course, I will draw Acerola in the tiger bikini :)

I should draw Nanu in one sometime too.

It’s “party rock is” Finished watching Part 4 of JJBA. Here is the result.

the accolade but redrawn with nanu “The Accolade” by Edmund Leighton. Chivalry is so beautiful xD how nanu’s ass got that fat By the way, this is a self portrait of my artistic process.

Some call him pig! This is based on a real set of 1970s pro-cop advertisement billboards. The 70s were certainly a time…

I drew this because I received a DM on twitter containing the following:

expecting to see people like you adopting this motif within the week

and predictable preson that I am, I could not resist.

― haddock,

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