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Sunday the Thirteenth

: Updates on my life and the site ⏰ 4 minute read

Warning: I complain about my life

How are you doing recently?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on this website but update its theme and make little posts about my life, but sadly for this site and my creative output, my life has been way too busy recently. As a rule, I don’t like to post about my personal mental health on the internet publicly (other than in stupid jokes, but I’m actually trying to cut down on that too), but I think it’s OK to say this: I have managed to overcommit myself and now I am paying the price of my high ambition. It’s very stressful and not fun at all. I’m looking forward to the near future when I can relax a little, but I don’t know when that future will come. Alas!

In lighter news, I will finally be moving out of my shithole apartment and I did better on my first round of exams than I thought I did immediately after walking out of the exam hall. It’s always nice when that happens. Now I just have to do even better than that moving forward! The neverending quest for personal improvement truly never ends…

The class everyone is bad at was optional this semester so a lot of people dropped it. But everyone else who stayed is still complaining about how they hate it. If you hate the class that much, I don’t get why you would keep taking it. I guess it’s a similar reason why I keep taking the class I hate though, which I take because it makes my transcript look better and it’s an easy A that’s taught completely ineffectively so I just skim the textbook before the exam instead. But even if it’s a class that makes your transcript look better, I feel like if you’re not doing well in it, it might be better to save your GPA instead? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just mad that I had to be assigned to a group that isn’t taking the class seriously so I have to carry them in the assignment and even though I actually like the course material, I don’t know everything yet and so it’s a burden and none of us do as well as we want to. And the guy in my group kept touching my arm even when I tried to move away from him. I thought about telling him to knock it off more directly, but I couldn’t think of a way to say it without making a scene since it was really bothering me. It just sucks. I wish I didn’t have to have classmates if they’re going to do nothing but complain and get into my personal space. One of the nice things about living in a pandemic was everyone stayed 6 feet away from me, but now I can’t even have that…!

I guess I can condense the previous paragraph to just “Man it sucks when you are taking a class because you actually like the subject and everyone else is taking it to fulfil a requirement.”

Anyway, my plans for tomorrow are to go look at new apartments that are slightly too expensive for my price range and maybe go on a date for Valentine’s Day. I hope to have a nice time.

I also looked at an apartment today, and it was really nice, but I feel that it will be snapped up before I can move in just like all the other ones I liked, haha. It was nice to walk around in the snow afterwards, though. Even though it was cold out and the snow fell into the gap between my mask and my face, I felt warm with happiness anyway.

Hopefully in the near future I can draw some more pictures, write some more stories, and make this site look a little nicer. I’m taking out the chat function for now because the hosting is intermittent and nobody uses it. I might try to write my own chat application and find somewhere to host it (can’t be Neocities because they don’t really allow much of that sort of thing). Or maybe I’ll put a comments section on every post, lol. Anything to get people to talk to me on my website instead of on Shithole Web Applications like Discord and Twitter haha.

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